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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Just a random page of the '68 Yearbook....my recollections:

1. Connie Burke: sophisticated, reserved, very smart, and great red hair!
2. Paula Burnett: She and I went to the Prom (my car broke down and my cousin David Cavender '67 generously let us accompany his entourage for dinner at Humphrey's Pine Room)...Paula was probably the smartest person in the '68 class; we had French class together with Ms Amos...I was a pretty poor date and purchased a too small corsage for Paula. After the prom, Paula hardly spoke to me!! My bad.
3. Judy Cadle: Attended Point Harmony Elementary, N Jr High and High with Judy...in the 5th grade she (or was it Ann Wandling?)brought several books about the Bobsey twins for Brit Ms Litchfield to read aloud...at the end of one book, I asserted that I was tired of the Bobsey Twins and that I would bring in a great Nancy Drew mystery; Ms Litchfield did NOT like my attitude and verbally humiliated me....I was properly shut down, and we proceeded to the next Bobsey Twins go to the Beach! Judy's mother taught the 6th grade at Point Harmony....I was in her class. Judy's father sponsored a Little League team that I was on, along with Butch Long (a great friend), Mike Mattea (Kathy Mattea's big brother), and several other NHS illuminaries.
4. Nancy Cadle: Cute, friendly, energetic, and always fun to be around. A class star!
5. Cary Caldwell: A great guy; self effacing humor, reserved, and always ready to smile...smart as a tack.
6. Carla Carnes: I didn't know her well, but found her attractive and always upbeat and fun.
7. Janet Carney: Didn't know her well either...she was a solid, fun member of our class.
8. Judy Carpenter: Always smiling, joking, and ready to have a good time! One of the essential members of '68.