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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still, You Turn Me On....

Do you want to be an angel, Do you want to be a star, Do you want to play some magic on my guitar? Do you want to be a poet, Do you want to be my string? You could be anything. Do you want to be the lover of another Undercover? You could even be the man on the moon. Do you want to be the player, Do you want to be the string? Let me just tell you something, It just don't mean a thing. You see it really doesn't matter when you're buried in disguise by the dark glass on your eyes, though your flesh has crystalised; Still .... you turn me on. Do you want to be the pillow where I lay my head, Do you want to be the feathers lying in my bed? Do you want to be a colour cover magazine; create a scene. Every day a little sadder, A little madder, Someone get me a ladder. Do you want to be the singer, Do you want to be the song? Let me tell you something you just couldn't be more wrong. You see I really have to tell you that it all gets so intense. >From my experience It just doesn't seem to make sense, Still .... you turn me on.

Best Video of Today....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Virtual Kidnapping: you need to see this...

Posted by Massad Ayoob: Dan Johnson, who works with Travelers Insurance on kidnap response around the globe, told us that piracy is out of control off the coast of Somalia, and kidnapping is a growth industry in Mexico and starting to spill across US borders. Dan warned us of “virtual kidnapping.” They’ll put surveillance on you and your family, and some day or night when one of your kids is in a camp or class for a day where their cell phone will be turned off and you can’t contact the child, you’ll get the call that they’re holding your young one and you have a very few hours to get a few thousand dollars to a drop point or you’ll never see your offspring again. They figure the small amount is something you can gather in that short time. The money, of course, will disappear from where you left it, and the kid will come home wondering why you are so upset…because your son or daughter was never touched.

1971 Greenville, NC, a timeless moment

Hitchhiking to Boston, then south to Greenville North Carolina....it was truly a summer of love.....so much, so Holy...

Best video catch of the day; you won't believe it!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Self defense for women...one devastating simple tip

How many movies and incidents have we seen wherein the 'soon to be female victim of a home invasion' tries to fend off the perp with a knife, who immediately seizes her wrist and disarms her?? Hundreds?

Ok: here is the solution:

She should grab a knife, one in EACH hand, a total of TWO steak knives. Block one, and she defends with the other....this is such a simple and effective solution. Try the technique with chopsticks and see for yourself how this would stop the crime in its tracks.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wow! Great thriller!

Brad Thor's Full Black delivers great information, thrills, patriotic protagonist, and climax. The Audible version is also fantastic; well narrated.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Our very own Urkel, How's he doing??

August 5, 2011
U.S. credit rating lowered for first time in history
By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON -- The United States has lost its coveted top AAA credit rating.
Credit rating agency Standard & Poor's on Friday downgraded the nation's rating for the first time since the United States won the top ranking in 1917...The issue has contributed to convulsions in financial markets.
If a graph indicates an increase, it must be UNEMPLOYMENT of workers with degrees:
August 4, 2011
Obama parties like it's 1999
Posted by Laura Ingraham http://www.lauraingraham.com/b/Obama-parties-like-its-1999/-219136039026764467.html
Happy Birthday, Mr. President. We'd toast to your 50 years, but we already have a vicious hangover from the latest 500 point drop in the S&P. As you enjoyed another big ticket birthday fundraiser in Chicago, regular folks were seeing their 401(k)s evaporate, their real estate values plunge, and their business prospects wane.

Any decent CEO with your track record would know that it's time to change course, reexamine strategies, and fire top advisers. But you, who have never worked in business a day in your life, think it's time to double down on the same moronic policies that hurt economic growth and lead to more instability in American markets. Did you learn that practical thinking at Harvard Law? At Columbia? If so, those "educational" institutions should lose their accreditation immediately.

President Obama is reportedly urging his Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to stay on through the election. (!!) Geithner has been an unmitigated disaster, as has Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Both should be fired immediately. But not by Obama's thinking--actually cites both men as key to his administration's economic "accomplishments." What accomplishments are those? Obscenely high unemployment? Oppressively steep gas prices? America's weakened global stature? Lord save us.

Oh, and if the President had any sense of optics and, frankly, propriety, he would have cancelled this week's birthday fetes. Or are we the only ones who are supposed to sacrifice, Mr. President?

08/4/11 2:24 PM

Just announced:
Communist Party USA Endorses Obama, Democrats in 2012

Is anyone surprised??

West Virginia Coal Miner Monument

I am against mountain removal, but believe in deep mining that coal miners, as depicted by this monument, have done for a hundred years here in West Virginia. Mountain removal employs very FEW miners and turns the mountain and valleys into a permanent moonscape.

Libs here in WV are against all types of 'extractive' industry, yet these same wimps are demanding the most electricity! Typical.

Proudly displayed on the WV Capitol grounds:

Raw Food Raid Special Report: Armed Agents Bust Raw Milk & Cheese Sellers

This is not my America. Even the Soviets and Nazis wouldn't have done this!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

We The Stupid....so true

August 2, 2011
We The Stupid
Ann Barnhardt

"I stand here in abject stupefaction. The so-called "right" or "Tea Party" in this republic is being so thoroughly rolled and defeated that I am struggling to come up with an adequate violent submission metaphor that does not involve prison rape . . . and they honesty think that they're "winning." Really? You call this winning?

- Obama gets over $2 Trillion to spend before the 2012 election
- There are no real spending cuts
- There is a massive tax increase effective January 1, 2013

Obama is going to be handed something in excess of $2 Trillion -- and he has made it perfectly clear that he will spend every penny of it before the November 2012 election. That's why he kept saying, " . . . so we don't have to do this again", meaning raise the debt ceiling again. The debt ceiling would only need to be raised if all of the money had been spent. Therefore, he has stated very clearly that he will spend every penny of any debt ceiling increase. He is going to burn through $2 Trillion-plus in the next sixteen months. This was the Obama regime's plan from day one. Geithner appeared before Congress in early May and told them this in no uncertain terms. This outcome has been a known quantity all along.

There are no spending cuts in this plan. It is all accounting fraud. Saying that you are not going to spend money in Afghanistan ten years from now is not spending cuts. Even if you accept the $1 Trillion in cuts over ten years propaganda, that is only $100 Billion per year, which is essentially meaningless relative to the size of the problem. Furthermore, even a miniscule uptick in interest rates, which given the massive debasement of our currency is now a mathematical certainty, will completely consume that $100 Billion per year. It's all a joke.

Back to the $2 Trillion that Obama is being handed. I honestly think that most people in this country have no understanding of simple counting numbers. Do you not understand how much a trillion is? Where do you think this money is going to come from -- who has two trillion dollars to loan us? China? Nope. Not even close. China's entire GDP is only $6 Trillion. Do you honestly think that China is going to loan us one third of their total annual economic production? China was a huge creditor to us back when $100 Billion was considered a staggeringly large amount of money - which was four years ago. Now $100 Billion is literally a rounding error. Do you realize that there are only a handful of nations of this planet that even have a GDP in excess of $2 Trillion? If these countries loaned us every penny of their GDP, it wouldn't even be $2 Trillion:

Canada ($1.57 T)
India ($1.54 T)
Russia ($1.46 T)

Are you starting to understand the scope of what we are talking about now? Obama is going to embezzle considerably more than the entire economic output of Canada, India or Russia to his cronies before the 2012 election -- and that is just counting this round of spending. This doesn't include the other $5 Trillion he has already burned through since 2009.

China is not going to lend us this money because they simply don't have anything close to that much money to lend. This $2 Trillion is going to come from the Federal Reserve. Where is the Federal Reserve going to get $2 Trillion? They are going to print it out of thin air. We are in the midst of the largest currency debasement ever seen in human history. There is only one result that can come of currency debasement: hyperinflation and total economic and societal collapse.

Have you also forgotten the so-called "Bush tax cuts"? Yeah. Those rates are going to expire on January 1, 2013. Obama will presumably still be occupying the Oval Office at that time assuming that he is not forcibly removed or that the Republic is still intact at that time. Taxes will increase significantly at that point, and the Congressional Budget Office has scored everything put before them given the fact of the massive tax increases on 1/1/2013. Do you understand that? When these Republicans and even these so-called "Tea Party Freshmen" tell you that there are no tax hikes in their "plan," they are consciously, willfully, knowingly lying to you through their teeth.

Finally, I do not understand how it can possibly be that conservative writers are still addressing Obama as if he is actually trying to help the economy, but his well-intentioned policies are failing.

Obama is the enemy. Obama is a Marxist-Communist usurper and puppet front for a cabal of Marxist-Communists who are actively trying to destroy the United States of America. Everything they have done, are doing, and will do has the single goal of collapsing and destroying the U.S. economy, military, constitutional government and culture. What part of "Marxist Revolution" do you not understand?

The Obama regime is not a failure. The Obama regime is not incompetent. The Obama regime has achieved more in two and a half years than anyone could have possibly foreseen. It has debased the currency by 50% of the GDP and guaranteed that our economy will collapse. It has looted the Treasury for more than the size of a top-ten economy and embezzled that wealth into the hands of their fellow Marxists in preparation for the final collapse of the United States. It has ground the economy of the United States to a screeching halt. It has destabilized the entire Muslim world and ensured that there will be a nuclear war centered around Israel within the decade.

The Obama regime has no interest whatsoever in "stimulus" or "getting folks back to work." How can you not understand this? How can we possibly win this war if we refuse to come to terms with the fact that we are in fact fighting a war.

God save the United States of America, because the people are far too stupid to do it themselves.

Ann Barnhardt is a livestock and grain commodity broker and marketing consultant, American patriot, traditional Catholic, and unwitting counter-revolutionary blogger. She can be reached through her business at www.barnhardt.biz.

Fighting To Protect the Electric Grid

Watch the video

By Rich Kellman, Senior Correspondent

"Have you ever considered what would happen if one day all electricity just stopped? Local businessman Henry Schwartz thinks about it a lot. "You'd get up and none of the lights would work. Your radio wouldn't work, the car wouldn't start, your water system would stop. Go to the food store and there wouldn't be any. Everything that we know in the modern world would grind to a halt."

In 2008, an independent congressional commission made up of scientists and military experts warned that an electromagnetic pulse generated by a nuclear blast high above the earth could critically damage or destroy our electric grid.

Henry Schwartz's business runs on electricity. He owns Steuben Foods in Elma and employs some 500 people. They manufacture and package food and medical supplies. About three years ago, he became deeply concerned about EMP and formed a not-for-profit organization called EMPact America. "(EMP is) more of a threat than nuclear devices exploded in 10 of our cities at the same time," he says.

The sun can also generate emp through solar storms. UB physics professor Dr Will Kinney shows us video of the sun spewing a geyser of superheated gas in early June."Blammo," he says, "and that was just last Tuesday. That material travels outward in space and can affect things like communications and the infrastructure on the earth."

At risk are more than 200-thousand miles of transmission lines across North America. In 1989, a blast of hot solar gas knocked out power for six million people in and around Quebec for about 9 hours. "It's entirely possible that we could see large outages again from these kinds of solar storms," says Kinney, "but those regional outages didn't result in cascading failures."

But back in 1859, a huge supersolar storm, far bigger than the one that caused the Quebec blackout, shorted out telegraph wires in the United States and Europe and caused fires. The northern lights were seen as far south as Rome, and the world was not wired then as it is today.

What are the odds of that happening again? Says Will Kinney,"Nobody really knows for sure."

Anthony Caruana is Town Supervisor of Tonawanda. "The likelihood may be rare," he says, "but we need to be prepared just in case."

Caruana is a retired Army brigadier general. "I don't think anybody ever believed that 9/11 could happen with airplanes going into massive buildings using our own planes and our own fuel to hit it."

"A lack of imagination?" we suggest.

"A lack of imagination," he says.

In 2008 after eight years of study, the Congressional EMP Commission issued its final report, which focused on EMP as a weapon. We reach senior staff member Dr. Peter Pry in Washington and asked whether the commission considers nuclear EMP a clear and present danger. "Yes, that's correct. the commission did judge that it was a clear and present danger now."

Pry envisions an attack by an enemy that explodes a nuclear bomb in space, 300 miles above the United States. The resulting EMP destroys our entire electrical system. Everything shuts down. "North Korea has the bomb now." he says, "and North Korea will sell anything to anybody."

As for Iran, Pry says, "The Federation of American Scientists put out an estimate that Iran could have enough fuel for several nuclear bombs within five months."

There is debate among some experts about the actual likelihood of the nightmare scenario foreseen in the Commission report. "I certainly think they have the desire and motivation to do what they say," says UB physics professor Dr. Dejan Stojkovic. "Right now, I don't think they have the capabilities to do what they say, but that may change in the near future."

"We are in a very critical position here in our town," says Caruana. "We have a water treatment plant, we have a wastewater plant, we have emergency services, hazardous materials and critical infrastructure."

Tonawanda has a backup generator at its wastewater treatment plant. good for a few weeks, till the fuel runs out. "So if we're doing things protecting our own equipment things here," says Caruana, If it's not done at the next level, we may not even be able to continue to function."

In response to the threat, Congress is considering a bill called the Shield Act to strengthen the nation's electric grid. "I think everybody should get to their congressman and tell them this is a high urgency," says Schwartz.

Caruana calls Schwartz a good neighbor and a patriot."He's dedicated, it looks like, this part of his life, to making sure we're protected."

Henry Schwartz is the sole funder of EMPact America. with its mission of informing the public about EMP.We ask why he's doing that.

"What's in it for me?" he says. "Well, I have a family just like you probably do, and I'd like them to live. I also have another family, and that's the employees that I work with everyday. I have a community, and I have the United States of America, and I want to hold onto them with all my heart and soul. My life wouldn't be worth living if we had an EMP event and we're not prepared. So it's everything."

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Baby Boomers sticking it to future generations!

Yeah, let's create more debt and crash the futures of young Americans....

We'll fight tooth and nail for our social security, medicare, drug benefits, pensions, and senior discounts, but are happy to make the future generations of workers pay and pay and pay.

Now let's watch the interest rates skyrocket! That $46,000 per citizen will soon soar to impossible heights.

Collapse of the Ponzi Scheme

We are now in the eye of the storm. Our government has chosen the Weimar (money devaluation/hyperinflation) solution to our insane Federal spending . Every dollar created (increasing the debt limit) makes the dollar in your savings and paycheck worth that much less.

Who wins? The financial institutions. Who has (already) lost? YOU!

Monday, August 01, 2011

August 2011 Nitro High School WV News, Events, and Obits....

Megan Harrison, beloved daughter, was granted her angel wings on Saturday, August 27, 2011. Megan was born in Charleston on September 13,1982, grew up in Cross Lanes and graduated from Nitro High School in 2001. She was preceded in death by her grandfather, Newt Coleman; and her aunt, Jill Miller. Megan is survived by her parents, Roger and Ginger Harrison of Cross Lanes; brother, Adam Harrison of St. Albans; grandparents, Margaret Coleman of Charleston and Evelyn and Henry Harrison of Nitro; and a host of aunts, uncles and cousins. With Megan's passing, we remind others that life is to be celebrated and held precious. Although we will miss her every day, we know she is at peace with the angels and will remain in our hearts forever.

Betty A. Cook Sizemore, 79, of Nitro passed away peacefully at her home on Friday, August 19, 2011, after a short illness. She was born in Nitro on March 8, 1932, a daughter of the late Charles S. Cook and Lena Mae Cook Painter. She was married on July 11, 1947, to William "Bill" Sizemore Sr. After raising a large family, she worked as a cook and custodian in the Nitro schools for several years. She was a good friend, mother, and grandmother and will always be missed by her family. Betty was preceded in death by her parents; husband; and a daughter, Lisa Ann Sizemore. Also preceding her are one sister, Dorothy Cook Buckenhimer; and one brother, Harold L. Cook Sr. She is survived by six sons and their families, William E. Sizemore Jr. and wife, Pat of Eleanor, Charles D. Sizemore and wife, Mary of Rock Branch, George A. Sizemore and wife, Tina of Red House, Timothy S. Sizemore and wife, Angie of Flatwoods, Thomas L. Sizemore of Red House, and Michael J. Sizemore of Nitro; 11 grandchildren; and 10 great-grandchildren; brother, Howard Cook of Nitro; sister, Viola V. Cook Long and husband, Jay of Nitro.

Eileen Hern Morgan, 95, of Nitro passed this life to live in eternal glory with her Heavenly Father on August 21, 2011. She was lovingly cared for at home by her loving daughter, Jacqueliine Morgan White, where she was surrounded by her family and friends. She was born December 6, 1915, in Acme to Bessie and Vernie Hern. She was preceded in death by her husband, Cledith Morgan; and her daughter, Wilma Charlene Morgann Beane. Eileen was a member of the Church of Christ in Nitro and devoted her life to serving Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and was very faithful to her church and her family and community. A lifelong resident of Nitro, she was very active in the Senior Citizen's Organization in Nitro, where she made many lasting friendships. An avid gardener, Eileen spent many years with her husband on the family farm in Frazier's Bottom growing flowers and vegetables, which she canned and shared with family and friends. Her devotion to her family, her church, and her Lord defined her life and she will be missed by those who were fortunate enough to share that life with her. Left behind to cherish her memory are her daughter, Jaci Morgan White and husband, Harold of Nitro; daughter, Betsy Morgan Plott and husband, Robert of Sarasota, Fla.; grandchildren, Tracy White, Troy White and wife, Beth, Todd White and wife, Cathy, Trina Rueckert and husband, David, Jeff Beane and wife, Cindy, Eric Beane, Beth Nolan and husband, Rick, and Bobby Plott; 17 great-grandchildren; and six great-great-grandchildren; sister, Erma Stanley of Orgas; brothers, Gene Hern and wife, Doma, Richard Hern and wife, Nancy of Point Pleasant; and many nieces and nephews.

David N. Hunter of Key West, formerly of Nitro, died August 5, 2011, at Key West Rehabilitation Center, following a struggle with cancer. David grew up in Nitro, where he graduated from Nitro High School. He served in the U.S. Navy for two years before marrying. He had four children with his first wife, Carolyn Claar, settling eventually in the Tampa, Fla., area. David trained as a computer programmer and worked for several technology companies, including EDS and McDonnell Douglas, where he spent the bulk of his career. In later life, he moved to the Chicago area, where he continued to work as a computer consultant. In Chicago, he grew a garden, indulged a taste for antique cars and developed a passion for the city's two iconic sports teams, the Cubs and the Bears. He made a practice of regularly seeking out new churches to attend Mass, and volunteered at his local VFW post. David's musical tastes ranged from classical to soft rock. While visiting a friend in Key West, he was so taken by the relaxed tropical culture; he decided to spend his retirement there. Known for his prodigious memory, he was the final arbiter within the family on questions of births, weddings, moves and other key information. David is survived by his twin sister, Mary Hunter Reppert; brother-in-law, John Reppert of St. Albans; brother, Joe Hunter of Newton, Mass.; daughter, Suzanne Pearl of Tarpon Springs, Fla.; son, Todd of Albuquerque, N.M.; sons, Patrick and Matthew of St. Petersburg, Fla.; and six grandchildren. An informal "celebration of life" was held on August 7 at Harpoon Harry's, a Key West hangout where David often enjoyed his favorite brew, Budweiser.

Mrs. Emogene "Jean" Hanna Kilgore, 75, of Charleston passed away Thursday, August 11, 2011, at Hubbard Hospice House. Jean was a member of Community Chapel Church in Cross Lanes. She graduated from Nitro High School class of 1953. She lived her whole life in the area with the exception of a brief stay in Sanford, Fla., giving care to the elderly. She was preceded in death by her parents, Clarence N. and Beulah Dooley Hanna; husbands, James H. Kilgore and William Lee Lanham; son, James H. Kilgore Jr.; sister Marie Hanna Saulton; brothers, Wilmurth Hanna and Clarence Hanna; and daughter-in-law, Myoung MI Kilgore. Jean is survived by two sons, Bill Kilgore and wife, Leslie Kilgore, of Keene, Texas, and Charles Kilgore of Clendenin; two daughters, Yolanda Sue Kilgore and husband, Greg Honaker, of Deltona, Fla., and Kimberli Kilgore and husband, Brad Means, of Clendenin; sister, Louise Hanna and husband, George Skidmore, of Poca; 11 grandchildren, Michelle and husband, Kyle Green, Meredith and husband, J.D. Ravenscroft, Jim and wife, Amber Kilgore, Josh Kilgore, Matthew and wife, Rhonda Honaker, Charles and wife, Lora Means, Ron and wife, Rachel Means, and Mike, Daniel, Josh and Mindy Means; great-grandchildren, Andrew Means, Desiree Kilgore and soon-to-be-born Logan Means. Jean is also survived by a host of other family and friends.

Orville R. Carney, 91, passed away after a short illness in Charleston. He was a retired school board employee, an Army veteran, serving his country during WWII and a member of Lake Wood Church of God, Cross Lanes. Orville was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and will be missed by all. We will meet you on the other side. Surviving are his children, Gary Carney of Poca and Nancy Ann Carney (Ron Thaxton) of Cross Lanes; granddaughter, Amy G (Kevin) Heath of Muncie, Ind.; great-grandchild, Boaz Carney Heath; granddaughter, Angela R (Ryan) Dearian of Scott Depot; great-grandchildren, Alyssa R Murphy, Spencer M Murphy, Zada G Murphy and Landen Dearian; granddaughter, Charessa Dawn (Bob) Thaxton Wilkinson; great-grandchildren, Stormie Payne Wilkinson, Starr Parker Wilkinson and Che River Wilkinson; and granddaughter, Amber Elizabeth (Brandon) Thaxton Mouser.

Elaine Marie Stonestreet, 85, of Charleston went to be with the Lord on August 6, 2011, after she had suffered a recent stroke. She was married to the late Denzil W. Stonestreet, her beloved husband for over 60 years. She was born on November 25, 1925, in Battle Creek, Mich., the daughter of Stephen Lawton and Ethel Chapin Lawton. She was preceded in death by her brother, Leon Lawton. She is survived by her six children and their families, who include Wayne Stonestreet and Cindy, Greg Stonestreet and Anita, Dana Stonestreet and Jana, Marilyn Stonestreet, Jan Stonestreet and Mark Liberati and David Stonestreet and Mireille; 15 grandchildren, Bryan, Matthew, Charles, Andrew, Lauren, Stephen, Caitlin, Joanna, John, Daniel, Nathan, Natalie, Jenna, Evan and Liam; and two great-grandchildren, Micah and Sofia. Elaine graduated from Salem College in Salem, W.Va., with a four-year degree in education, majoring in English with a minor in music. She played the clarinet and piano and sang in various choirs. Early in her career, she taught English, shorthand and typing, and worked as a legal secretary. Later, between caring for and raising their six children, she worked as a bookkeeper and secretary for her husband's various business concerns. She loved music, gardening, canning vegetables, reviewing house plans for her dream retirement home, which her husband built for her, and worshiping God at Perrow Presbyterian Church. She started a library at Perrow, sang in the choir, worked with various ministries and especially enjoyed housing missionaries on furlough in the U.S.

James Junior "Doc" Wolfe of Nitro passed away on Sunday, July 31, 2011, at Hubbard Hospice House in Charleston. Jim was a veteran of the Korean War, a member of St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Nitro, and a retired millwright from the Union Carbide Institute Plant. He was preceded in death by his father, James O. Wolfe; mother, Lottie Mae Wolfe; and daughter, Jeanne Wolfe Mallory.
He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Mary Lou Wolfe of Nitro; his daughter, Jennifer Wolfe Coffman and son-in-law, Randy, of Scott Depot; sisters, Donna Wolfe Foster of Charleston and Frances Wolfe Fortune and her husband, Bill, of Nitro; grandchildren, Kip Merrifield, Cody Merrifield and his wife, Tiffany, Molly Merrifield and Kevin Holliday, all of North Carolina, and Tanner Coffman of Scott Depot; three great-grandchildren; and various beloved nieces and nephews.

Owen Lee Carney, 71, of Cross Lanes passed away unexpectedly Saturday, July 30, 2011.
He was born in Charleston on May 13, 1940, the son of the late Paul and Lelia Carney. He was also preceded in death by his sons, James Paul Carney and Matthew Paul Carney, and by his brother, Paul Allen "P.A." Carney.
He is survived by his loving wife of 40 years, Margaret "Maggie"; son, Andrew Owen "Andy" Carney; daughter, Alana Carney Williams and her husband, Brian; granddaughter, Leela Joann Carney Williams; a grandson due to arrive in November of 2011; and Robert (Beverly) Duff, who was as close as a brother to Owen. Owen was a graduate of Greenbrier Military School, class of 1959, and West Virginia University. He was formerly employed by the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources; was vice-president of Dunbar Lumber Company; and retired from Ace Center Hardware, St. Albans. Aside from his wonderful extended family and friends, working on his art was his next great love. Words cannot even begin to express how loved Owen was and how missed he will be. Family and friends will forever cherish every memory they had with Owen and will never forget the smile he brought to everyone's face.