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Monday, March 26, 2007

More Nitro High School posts


Nitro High School, WV, Student obits/posts/news

The nitroalumni.com forum has been discontinued. This is sad as many excellent posts and memories went with it. Thank you Timothy Davis NHS '77 for your gift to us all. Perhaps one day it can be recovered.

I will try to create a new nitro high school forum type presence, but until then here is a list of obituaries and notable items about our classmates:

Use the Find Function under EDIT (Windows toolbar) to look for NHS class members. You might try just the last or first name to be successful. The find function is case sensitive. I have posted obituaries, miscellaneous info, updates, teacher notes, old forum postings, and announcements for our classmates.


by Donna Ogburn Hedrick Donna Ogburn Hedrick - DonnaH7692@aol.com

The original Nitro High School was built near the end of World War I, when the town of Nitro, West Virginia was built. Nitro is a boomtown that came into being due to a critical shortage of gunpowder during the War. The War Department decided to build plants to produce the gunpowder for American troops and one of those plants was built in Nitro. The type of gunpowder to be produced was Nitro-Cellulose; hence, the name Nitro. Construction began in late 1917 and, in only eleven months, 90 percent of the town and the powder plant had been constructed. Many of these structures are still standing, including the gymnasium from the original Nitro High School. A complete history of the town of Nitro can be found in the book Nitro The World War I Boom Town by William D. Wintz.

The new Nitro had an independent school and its first graduate was in 1921. The school survived until 1954 when it was razed to make way for a new modern school. Many watched as the old school was slowly demolished. One such observer was Mr. Fay Harper, a chemistry teacher at the school for many years. Mr. Harper noticed that the old clock that hung over the gymnasium was still there as the demolition began. He contacted the school principal, Mr. Walter F. Snyder, who gave him permission to remove the clock. He rescued it and kept it in his care until his death. Mr. Harper’s daughter, Fannnie Harper Brown, brought the clock to one of her class reunions where she offered it for auction to raise money for future reunions. This writer purchased the clock at that time.

One day, the old clock grew tired and simply stopped. It was taken to an antique clock shop where a caring clock restorer took an interest in it. He called, after seeing the clock, and asked about its history. He was given the above story and became excited at the prospect of the old clock’s age. He suggested that an attempt be made to contact the maker.

A letter had been written previously to the maker of the clock, Cincinnati Time Recorder, but no response was received. However, a search on the Internet found a company named Cincinnati Time Systems and an inquiry was sent. Mr. Michael Lahm replied that Cincinnati Time Systems is the branch office for the original Cincinnati Time Recorder Company and that he could probably provide some information on the clock and requested pictures. Pictures were sent and Mr. Lahm answered, “Your clock is very interesting. I suspect it was manufactured in the early 1920s. It may have been used as a program timer to ring bells at the school. The serial number will indicate the year in which the clock was manufactured.” The clock maker was contacted to locate the serial number; however, the plate with the number was missing from the old clock. Consequently, proof of the exact manufacture date is unavailable at this time. It is known when the school was built and Mr. Lahm suspects the clock was manufactured in the early 20s. Also, after this story was posted at this class site, an e-mail was received from Karen Blasing Pradham who was employed by Cincinnati Time Recorder for many years. She did quite a bit of research on old clocks and the company history. She agrees with Mr. Lahm’s opinions and adds that, from her experience, she suspects the clock was manufactured prior to 1921 due to the fact that it is not electric, but runs on a pendulum. Cincinnati Time Recorder retrofitted its pendulum clock models to run on electric starting in 1921. She guesses from the design and function that the clock was manufactured between 1916 and 1921 and it is very possible that it was installed as original equipment when the school was constructed.

So, is it likely the steadfast old clock was placed in the original Nitro High School when it was built? The clock still looks magnificent, runs as though it were still hanging in the old school ringing bells for class changes, and it ticks so loudly that it can be heard throughout the house. During quiet moments, the loud tick-tock-tick-tock reminds one of bygone days at the original Nitro High School.
Brenda Coiner Burke-Cremeans ’94 is president of
Hurricane High School Alumni and lives in Hurricane with
her husband of six years, John Cremeans, Sr. Last summer
she coordinated Hurricane’s first all-school reunion, which
started two scholarships for Hurricane High School
graduates. Mrs. Burke-Cremeans currently teaches in her
“home county” of Putnam spending the a.m. at Buffalo
High and the afternoon at Winfield High. Upon graduating
from GSC, she taught in South Carolina schools for 5 years
then returned to West Virginia where she taught at Nitro
High School for 6 years before taking the positions in
Putnam County. She proudly tells the Alumni News that
several of her former students from Nitro have attended or
are attending GSC at the present time. Additionally Mrs.
Burke-Cremeans is still a student herself – a grad student at
Marshall in South Charleston.


Joan Crawford-Bumgarner
Thomas (Tom) Snyder II
Class of 69
Cathy Davis-Ison
Lynn Cole-Neal
Hello everyone!
Kathy Morris
Winin' and Dinin'............class of 69
Debby Derrick-Reese
David Williams
A Lot of Time Has Passed Since Sixty-Nine!
Bobbie Bailey
Would love to hear from other alumni
Dan Higgins
Start every day with a smile and get it over with.
Greg Milam
Greetings From Chicago
David Dempsey
Would love to hear from some former classmates!
Marilyn Boggess Flack
Transplanted from one Charleston area to another
Nancy Oseien
definitely be one of my "favorite" sites.
Jack Bess
Hello from the Houston Texas Area
Billy Javins
Gloria Wills-Johnston
Would love to hear from old classmates and friends!
Judy (Duling) Huck
Looking for old friends
Amy Rust-Sullivan

Class of ’70:

John Paff
John Paff

bill bird
this is a wonderful country

John Collins
John "HARV" Collins

Patricia Roberts
I like sunshine better than snow!!!

Doug Davidson
West Virginia is still home!

Class of 71:
Stanley Carper
HI! to great class of 71

Robert Hurley
Bob Hurley

Debra Elkins-Keith
Great memories of NHS!!

Stephen Yoho


Margie Allison
What happen to the 30th reunion?


Scott Williams
Still shaggy...

arnold wehrle
where did everybody go?

Marian Davis-Jones
Attended West Sattes Elementary in 1964-1965 (Graduated 1971 in Ohio)

Class of ’72:
Carl Landers
One day at a time !

Shauna Santrock Hampshire
Cheer for Nitro High School!

David King
Never Let The Idiots Get You Down!

Barbara Allen-Smith
Hello Wildcats-and all classmates...............

Joyce Brick-Fay
NHS 72

Connie Duncan-Snyder
I Believe Friends are Friends Forever!!

Margaret Brannon-Williams
M-M-M lives!

Garry Parsons
I missed the graduation

Pam Bryan-Laurenzo
I Love Reunions!

Kay Rust----Underwood
Life is Good

Butch Willard
Hello Nitro Wildcats

Class of 73:

David L Walker
I am still alive and kicking
Don Keener
Still Rockin'
Randy Gilbert
Hope To Hear From You
Doug Miller
Hello all - from Pennsylvania
Tonsi Ann Winter-Scolish
How are you?
Rusty Casto
Greetings from the mayor's office...
Kathy Lowe-Legg
Kathy Lowe-Legg
Sandy Lowther-Massey
Oklahoma Hillbilly
Steve Davis
Still Here in Cross Lanes

Class of ’74:

Jaci Jarrett Masztal
Keep in touch!
Gaye Galloway Murphy
Gaye Galloway Murphy - Class of 1974
Rebecca Smith Woodson
Greeting to all!
Jeff Knadler
Still Crazy after all these years
Denise Asbury
Hello from the Lone Star State
Lynn Summers
Hi guys!
Randy McClain
Hello from the Windy City!
Sherri Brewer/Sutherland
It's still home. Great friends to love.
Debbie Boggess-Dempsey
Hey, would love to hear from some of you!
gary stover
drownin' in the sea of love, where everyone would love to drown.....
Whitney Darby
Whit NHS 74

Class of ’75:

Teresa Hill-Lamb
Hello everyone
David Callihan
A little closer to home.
al boch
Go HERD !!!
Ray Brown
Another hillbilly living out of state
Lynn Duvall-Belcher
Lynn Duvall
Jerry Bailey
Who is that guy in my yearbook photo!
Duke Hudson
Hello from Big Orange Country
Randy Wheeler
Carl Addison
Hey from the Show-Me State
Jim Waybright
Teresa Hill
Hello friends
William Phillips
Hi again....
Class of ’76:

Jay Parker
Most distant alumni?

Fred Petry
Hello from Florida

mark tyson
loving life in south florida

Claudia Hechesky Fisher
Still Me After All These Years!!!!

Verea Ash - Cravens
is there anybody out there?

Cathy Duffield Chestnut
Hello from Nitro, WV!

David Higgins
Calgary may be further, but San Diego sure is warmer.......

Pamela Mattox-Walker
Whats Uppppp class of '76?

Jeff Nibert
Howdy from Dallas Texas. Sure glad for y'all to see me!

Roxann (Rocky) Burch-Carle
Alive and Well and Living in Amish Country!

Gale Clendenin
Class of "76"

Class of ’77:

Melissa Addison-Kistler

Tim Allen

Beth Anderson-Kimble
Beth Anderson Kimble
Karen Andruzis

Donald Ash

Ronald Ash

Tonya Ashley-Cooper

Eddie Atkins

Leslie Auer-Bailey

Donald Austin

Cheryl Bailey-Bowen

Jeff Balser

Robert Barker

Pam Barnard-Middleton

Judy Barnes-McCutcheon

Kim Bateman-Butler

Debbie Bibbee-Ransom

Rebecca Boggess-Massey

Sherry Boggess-Shahan

James Bone

David Bonnett

Kristine Borash-Michaloski

Linn Boswell

Inger Bothwell-Kennedy

Mary Bowen-Stone

Nora Bowen-Ward

Kenneth Breece

Robin Brick-Smith

John Brown

James Burdette

Patrice Burford-Banker

Tina Burford Bowling

Rodney Burke

Danny Burns

Judy Busch-Stogdon

Lisa Buttrick-Poehner

Wendell Cadle

Glen Caines

Kenny Campbell

Cheryl Carney-Arthur

Mellisa Carney-Onks
Just moved to Texas!
Tim Cart

Mark Casto

Tim Casto

Angela Childers-Harrison

Bill Clark

Richard Clendenin

Earl Jr. Cobb

Steve Cobb

Willie Coffman

Susan Coiner

Tonya Cook-Huffman

Lee Coon

Sherry Copen-Cobb

Todd Cox

Robert Craigo

Keith Crewdson

Debbie Cunningham

Kathy Curry-Morris

Janet Dabney-Booker

Timmy Davis

Timothy K. Davis
I have lived in Minnesota since 1985
Mark Dawson

Kim Derrick-King

Bob Donahoe

Calvin Dorsey

Don Doss

Kenny Duffield

Mike Dupay

Jim Eckenrode

Michael Elder

Tim Erwin

Carla Fenniken-Gentry

Mark Ferris

Dorcas Ferris-Losh

Karen Fink-Kouns

David Fisher

Kippy Fisher

Tammy Fisher-Rucker

Rhonda Francisco-Huffman

Karen L. Frazier-Kelley

Kitti French

Mark Galloway

Terry Gandee-Shelton

Amelia Gerkin-Bailey

Cathy Gibeaut-Kenne

James Gibson

Cozzetta Gibson Lyons

Curtis Godbey

Kim Goff

Debbie Goff-Clark

Scott Goodall

Jim Haley

Mark Halton

Dana Harper

James E Jr Harper

Karen Harris-Hill

Mark Harrison

Vickie Hart-Crouch

Dwight Hemme

Lisa Hendricks-Jarrett

Julie Henson-Morgan

Tim Higginbotham

Rick Hill

Brenda Hissom Anglin

Teresa Hogan

Pam Horton

Paul Howard

Cindy Hudson-McGuire
Brian Huff

Vernon Huffman

Loretta Hurley-Bitner

Gina Hutton-Underwood

Kevin Jarrett
I'm attending Seminary School...
Mike Jefferies

Penny Jett-Scarberry

Blair Johnson

Kathy Johnson

Kim Johnson-Karam

Debbie Jones-Goff

Mark Jordan

Delores Jordon-Staats

Ron Karnes

Bernd Kaufman

Kathy Keatley-Miller

Jeffrey Kelley

Marsha Kessel-Bailey

Melanie Kessel-Hunt

Joseph Kidd

Tom Kirby

Kathy Kitts Saunders
I work at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio
Steve Knight

Dennis Knopp

Karen Kolb-Hager

Jane Kraft-Darby

Charles Kyle

Greg Landers

Tim Lane

Brett Legg

Jeff Lemon

Keith Lilly

Michael Lilly

Charles Lovejoy

Gary Lowther

Howard Martin

Mary Martin-Price

Jeff Matheny

Martha Matheny

Robin Mathes

Bruce Mattox

Lynn McClung-Thorne

Josie McCormick

Jack McCune

Cathy McKinney-Jones

Terri McLaughlin-Wilkinson

Terri Meadors

Steve Meadows

Pamela Meadows-Harvitt

Chris Merritt-Mayberry

Selena Middleton-Rice

Wesley Milam

Brian Miles

Duane Miles

David Miller

Ricky Mitchell

Debbie Moody
I live in Florida now, but will always be a Mountaineer at heart!
Cindy Moody-Coburn

Leslie Moon-Cardenas

Jeff Morrison

Cindy Morse

Tammy Mullins-Davis

Keith Myers

Eric Nease

Mark Newcome

Alma Norris

Binky Null

Robert Null

Wade Null

Donna Nutter-Evans

Nancy O'Dell-Rutledge

Rebecca Parrish-Lester

Susan Parry-Knisely

Carma Parson-Goff

Lindsay Parsons

Ralph Parsons

Beth Peal-McDowell

Jerry Pernell

Terry Pernell-Williams

Debbie Perry-Shrewsbury

Meg Pettit-Jackson

Jill Phelps-Ellis

Mary Phillips-Moles

Ricky Pioch

Rose Pontier-Martin

Terry Poston

Brian Pratt

Darlene Price-Schultz

Danny Pritt

Carla Pyles-Campbell

Mark Rader

Cheryl Randall-Boyd

Rick Ransom

Tim Ray

Greg Raynes

Eugene Reveal

Cindy Rice-McGuill

Claudia Riffe-Kathes

Tim Riggs

Jeff Sadler

Pam Santmyer

Anne Santrock-Wallington

Kenny Schaffer

Kevin Schoonover

Gail Schuman

Rob Sellers

Dennis Sergeant

Debbie Sergeant-Casto

Paul Shaffer

Dale Shamblin

Neil Shamblin

Rusty Shamblin-McWhorter

Debbie Shelton-Dean

Mickey Short

Bill Simpson

Lee Ann Skaff

Ronald Skeens

Pam Slater

Jack Slaughter

Kim Smith

Mark R. Smith

Marty Smith

Stephen Smith

Martha Smith-Parr

Chuck Snyder

Danny Snyder

Eddie Snyder

Dale Southall

David Southall

Scott Spaulding

Jimmy Staats

Mike Stati

David Steele

Susan Stephens

Jimmy Stewart

Jan Stonestreet-Liberati

Donna Stype-Bailey

Mike Taylor

Tony Taylor

Teresa Taylor-Shaffer

Jeff Teetor

Johnny Thaxton

David Thomas

Karen Thomas-Lewis

Jay Thompson

Lori Tillinghast-Ferrell
Retired from AT&T
Bruce Tincher

Vicki Tincher-Stone

Jimmy Tinsley

Linda Titcher-Saulton

Anna Toler-Frazier

Joe Townsend

Lemoune Tustin

Teresa Tyson-Scott

Kim Vanater-Bailey

Jeff Vanmeter

Kenny Varney

Annette Wade-Thornton

Karen Walker

Stephanie Walls-Stinnett

David Walters

Melinda Welch

Duane West

Tim West

Charlotte Westfall-Reed

Tracy White

Debbie White-Smith

Terry Whittaker-Watkins

Ernie Whittington

Claude Wigglesworth

Kenny Wilkinson

Susan Williamson-Quick

Charlie Winter

Terri Wood-Godbey

Robin Woods

Ellen Woods-Ramey

Judy Woodson Browning

Greg Young

Nancy Young-Robinson

John Zitzelsberger

Tim Zobrist

Tom Kirby
Teresa Tyson Scott
Paul L. Shaffer II
Hi, everyone! I'm still here in Cross Lanes!
Mike Taylor
Hello from Nitro
Bruce Tincher
Still Stunningly Handsome!
Cindy Hudson-McGuire
Annette Wade Shamblin
Class 1977
Kenneth Varney
Back Living in good ol Cross Lanes, WV
William Simpson
Drop me a line.
Julie Henson Morgan
Hi! Class of 77
glen caines
life is good

Class of ‘78

Linda Hodges Paren
The Years Go By So Quickly
lisa aeby
hello everyone
Holly Wagner

Mark Guinn
Hello from South Pacific (MO)!
Debbie Gates Cart
Susan Trawick-Roberts
Susan Trawick Roberts
Sandy Williams - Hayne
Early Graduate - went to NHS with the class of 1979
Elizabeth - Beth Dabney-Page
Greetings from Richmond!
kevin young
greetings from atlanta
Becky Boggess-Asbury
Would love to hear from old friends.
Mark Dill
Mark Dill
Valerie Loving-Melton
Hi Nitro
Marjorie Nibert
Marjorie Nibert

Class of ‘67

Mike Randolph
The class that was more like family than friends

Bill Young
Class of 1967

David Chapman
Wildcat Forever!

Priscilla (Pris) Callihan
Always, Able and Ready to Party...Class of 67!!

Peggy Lemon-Wallace
Hello to everyone. Glad to be back in touch with friends and classmate

Caroline Rhodes-Greenlee
Hello to everyone!

Patti Utt-Molin
1967...The Class that was always ready to PARTY!

Bobby Ward
I would rather be sailing!

Alice Stahl
Where ever you are, be there with all your heart.

Julia Caines-Byrge
So Cheer for Nitro High School!

Andrea Thaxton Pease
Class of 67

Ken Mannix
1967 The class that was a party.

Chuck Davidson
Class of 67'

Nancy C. Boggess Hill

Roy Miller
hi people

Greg Martin
Greetings to all !

Class of ‘66

barbara rhodes
1966 Graduate
Karen Gates-Wilcox
Karen Gates Wilcox -Class of 66
Nancy (Magoun) Risch
I would love to talk with old friends.
Doug Bess
Take me home country roads to the place I belong, NITRO
Kenneth Luikart
Hello from Blakes Creek Holler!
Pam Cavender-Curry
Nitro High School was a big part of our lives.....
gail Roberts
There is no place like home --- except the Beach!!!
Beverly Boggess
17th Street Native Fondly Recalls Nitro Days
C. Rodney Lynch
Let the good times roll for 1966 grads
Brenda Morgan-Haning
W.Va. Girl follows husband to Florida

Timothy K. Davis http://web.archive.org/web/20020603153833/www.infinetivity.com/t_k_davis/t_davis_memory.html
In memorium

1977 NHS Annual Page by Page; photos included! Thank you Tim Davis!

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Memorials Class of ‘77
The following pages are memorials to our classmates who have passed away.
For some of you, this may be the first you've heard.
These pages are dedicated to you.

Allen Mallett Allen Lee Mallett, 36, of Cross Lanes died Saturday, Nov. 4, 1995 in Putnam General Hospital after an apparent heart attack.
He was an employee of Valley Rich Dairy Company, Nitro, and was a member of Nitro Moose Lodge.

Bobby Brohard http://web.archive.org/web/20001215030300/www.nitro77.com/students/Bobby_Brohard.html

Christy Casebolt http://web.archive.org/web/20001010075844/www.nitro77.com/students/Christy_Casebolt.html

Julie Rowh http://web.archive.org/web/20001010104541/www.nitro77.com/students/Julie_Rowh.html

Karen Fink Kouns http://web.archive.org/web/20010217013553/www.nitro77.com/students/Karen_Fink_Kouns.html

Randy Williams http://web.archive.org/web/20010217014007/www.nitro77.com/students/Randy_Williams.html

Richard Hardwick http://web.archive.org/web/20001215091800/www.nitro77.com/students/Richard_Hardwick.html

’77 email addresses:
Nitro High School '77
Name Email Address
Anderson Kimble, Beth blak40_99@yahoo.com
Bateman Butler, Kim KymButler@aol.com
Borash Michaloski, Kristine Michaloski@earthlink.net
Bothwell Kennedy, Inger IBOTHWELL@aol.com
Burdette, James JDB062786@aol.com
Burford Banker, Patrice TWEETYPB@aol.com
Busch Stogdon, Judy Jane1West@aol.com
Buttrick Poehner, Lisa poehner@mindspring.com
Campbell, Kenny campbelk@ix.netcom.com
Carney Onks, Melissa onksma@alltel.net
Clark, Bill A-1-CLARK@worldnet.att.net
Davis, Timothy K. tim@swdata.com
Frazier Kelley, Karen L. nitro92734@aol.com
Gerkin Bailey, Amelia ameliagb@concentric.net
Goodall, Scott SDGOOD59@aol.com
Halton, Mark DaseinMDH@AOL.com
Hill, Rick rdh1cpa@aol.com
Hudson McGuire, Cindy seekingthestars@aol.com
Jarrett, Kevin kjarrett@cjmw.com
Jordan, Mark mjordan@co.botetourt.va.us
Kelley, Jeffrey jkelleywv@aol.com
Kirby, Tom wtkwtk2000@yahoo.com
Kitts Saunders, Kathy saunders.kl@pg.com
Legg, Brett JBL0404@aol.com
McClung Thorne, Lynn klondike01@msn.com
Meadows Harvitt, Pamela pharvit@ix.netcom.com
Miles, Duane dmiles@atlantic.net
Moody, Debbie J. dmoody@cfl.rr.com
Moody Coburn, Cindy cindy.coburn@usa.net
Parry Knisely, Susan SKnisely@aol.com
Pernell Williams, Terry TEPernell@aol.com
Poston, Terry TPO@jacksonkelly.com
Pyles Campbell, Carla Carla4040@aol.com
Riggs, Tim Timmyriggs@aol.com
Sadler, Jeff JSAtvman@AOL.com
Santrock Brewster, Anne abrewste@SU.edu
Sellers, Rob rsellers@texsysrd.com
Shaffer, Ken M kenmshaffer99@hotmail.com
Shaffer, II, Paul L PLSII9959@aol.com
Shamblin, Dale sham@tsxw.com
Shamblin, Neil nshamblin@charter.net
Shelton Dean, Debbie CDean1982@aol.com
Smith, Mark R. pharris@wvinter.net
Smith Parr, Martha rikparr@wvinter.net
Stype Bailey, Donna dnbailey@access.k12.wv.us
Tillinghast Ferrell, Lori WVslingoer@aol.com
Tyson Scott, Teresa tscott1@excite.com
Varney, Kenneth Kenvwv@aol.com
Veazey, Greg R. veazeyg@hotmail.com
West, Duane DWest80502@aol.com
Wigglesworth, Claude loboWW@aol.com
Williamson Quick, Susan squick@glamour.com
Zitzelsberger, John jsj@3lefties.com
Testimonials for Timothy Davis

Tim Davis was my husband and my best friend. He was a beautiful, loving man and I am going to miss him more than words can express.

I would like to express my thanks to friends, employees and business colleagues and associates who have expressed their sympathy both to me and to Tim's family over the past few weeks. The outpouring of love and respect for Tim has been overwhelming, and I am grateful for it.

Tim had so much pride in the company he built up, and that pride will live on in infinetivity.

Ellis R. Davis

Very few times in life do you meet a man who is larger than life. Tim was such a man and I am a better man for having had the opportunity to know and share in his life. Of all the things that I remember and appreciate about Tim was his intense desire to engage life, in all its facets. To live life to its fullest, to take risks and to achieve goals. He could take us from our day-to-day concerns and open up a vision of what could be. And he gave us the chance to share in his visions and to create with him. In this way he honored life and in the same way we can honor his memory.

I first met Tim 10 years ago when he was consulting with a company where I used to work. I was their senior programmer / analyst and the company were going through a conversion to a new system. An accounting project I had designed needed to be programmed, but our staff was busy with other duties so we looked for outside support and contracted with Tim for the project. The first day I met him, I showed him the 20+ page specification for the accounting project. He came back an hour later with 2 questions. From that day forward until the project was completed and installed he handled it 100%, interfacing with the department managers and other individuals as if he had been with our company for several years. I was, and am still impressed by his technical expertise, and his 'dive in, get the job done, can do' attitude.

Tim's example and his zeal for life, will live on through each of us whom his life has touched. Let us reflect upon that in the days that lie ahead, and keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers. I will. Tim, thank you for being a part of my life, you're a great man-and that's not a joke!

Peter Miller-Russo

Writing this has been extremely difficult�mostly since in doing so I have to acknow-ledge that Tim is really gone. Losing my big brother has been more difficult than I could have ever imagined, and although I have such wonderful memories of him, it's hard to accept that there will be no more e-mails, phone calls, visits or great big "bear" hugs.

Tim took me to my first rock concert when I was 10 years old.

He entertained me with skits and shadow puppets when I was suppose to be in bed asleep.

He let me drive his ugly Nova long before I was legally able.

He assisted me on my first major hangover.

He took me to the movies, gave me grief about anyone I dated, took great pleasure in scaring the #$%@ out of me anytime he got the opportunity, gave me loving advice and never ever let me down.

I'll never forget Tim's "Jethro Bowl" he used for cereal (a huge serving bowl that he could fit about a half a box of Fruit Loops and a quart of milk into).

I'll never forget his extremely loud laugh. I'll never forget how he could speak volumes to you with just an expression.

I'll never forget how seriously he took his job as my brother.

I'll never forget how he always called me "Bird" instead of Kathy and how special it made me feel to have a pet name.

All of the beautiful things that I have read about Tim over the past few weeks can't come close to what a truly incredible person he was - however I for one appreciate and treasure every word! Tim touched so many people in such a positive manner, that I am still in awe of what he was...the best!

For those of you reading this, I ask that you do three things in Tim's memory:
1. Decide what your true passion is in life and live it!
2. Take a chance on something or someone! Life can get really boring at status quo!!
3. Laugh every single day!
Tim may have left this world much too soon. However, he left a truly happy man and when its all said and done...how could you ask for anything more? He lived, loved, and laughed every single day with enthusiasm and excitement. May we all take that to heart!

Take care of yourself and each other,

Kathy Handy

I met Tim in 1992. Over lunch once I mentioned I'd never seen "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." We got a bunch of people together to go see it. The day before people stopped by my desk telling me how much they were looking forward to going and couldn't wait to see my house. I had no clue what the 'see my house' meant. I called Tim: "It's a surprise party. The 'surprise' is it's at YOUR house."

In 1994 Tim and I sat down to talk about me becoming his Office Manager. He told me my job description consisted of "take care of everything so all I have to do is program." That's been my job ever since. He introduced me as "This is Jane, around here that's both a name and a job description." That's the highest praise I've ever earned.

The worst kept secret in the office for about 3 years was a five pound bundle of energy called "SPIKE." He was the 'office dog' and stayed under Tim's desk during the day. One day clients were due in and Tim handed me the dog (my desk was in his office) and told me to keep him quiet and not let the customers know he was there. Spike didn't make a peep and Tim conducted the meeting successfully. When they left I praised the dog's manners. "Tim, they never had a clue." Tim corrected me. One time when I left the room one of the clients needed a sticky note and went to my desk. Instead of leaning over the desk, they went around. "Tim, she has a dog under her desk." To this day he and I regret that his response was "I know, he's mine". He should have responded, "She does???"

I've never met anyone who had the level of energy and optimism that Tim did. He worked harder and played harder than anyone I know. It's a tribute to his personal life that so many people honestly cared about him. That was also balanced by the fact that he cared deeply for those around him. It was never one sided.

He will be missed in so many ways.

Jane Runyon
Office Manager

Years ago when we first worked with Tim, he was always stopping by my desk eating handfuls of my tictacs. He loved the dark green and when I bought the white ones he refused to eat them (which saved me money).

Along came April Fools day and the night before, I spent over an hour carefully dying the white tictacs with food green coloring. The next day came along and he stole my keys and moved my car and thought he was so funny. Well, out came the green tictacs with no guilt at all and I set them in the normal spot on my desk.

It wasn't long before he threw a handful in his mouth. I started laughing and he couldn't figure out why. His mouth teeth and lips turned dark green. I have never come close to pulling something like that off again.

Tim and I had some really good times and some really bad times, but through it all I called him my friend.

Karol Jensen
Sr. Programmer Analyst

I can't say that I knew Tim an extremely long time or that he was my best friend or even that I knew him very well. He did touch my life though. I have been an employee here for about 6 months now and I have seen Tim's personality but also his generosity. My husband and myself work for Tim and Ellis and we are thankful for the opportunities we have been given.

One thing that I would say describes Tim is that he never asked for more than he was willing to give of himself. If you understood that about him, and you strived for that in working for him and with him, there was a mutual respect. That was what I felt and still feel for him.

Rachel A. Lake

I met Tim several years ago when we started to workout together. We spent a lot of time together playing pool and cards together, I always said "you are so lucky at cards, It seems like you always catch the card you need to make your hand". His reply was always the same. " I've been working on being lucky my whole life". He loved his wife Ellis very much, he would tell me how much he "lucked out" by meeting her. His children were the world to him and his business was his passion. Tim touched many people's lives, he truly cared about people and for that he will never be forgotten. You are a wonderful friend. I'll miss you.

Todd Herman

Tim Davis was one of a kind. He was an incredible human being and such a lovely man. When I received a phone call from my friend Ellis at 2:37am on that fateful night with the words that Tim had died, I absolutely could not believe my ears. Surely there must be some mistake; surely this could not be HER Tim, OUR Tim. Even now, the events of the last week seem surreal.

Tim had such immense spirit and determination; he was goal oriented, ambitious and driven. He could definitely test your patience and sometimes make you want to scream, but that was his energy, his intense being. He lived every day as if it was his last and because of that, he was the happiest person you could ever meet.

He was a success in every aspect of his life because he would never see it any other way. He gave his all to everything, he thought positive and flourished because of it. That was the Tim we all knew and you couldn't help be envious of his incredible outlook towards life.

I have kept saying to my husband, Jorgen, that I imagine wherever Tim is right now, he's bloody angry that he had to leave so soon. We really need him here because a life without Tim just won't be the same. You hear of any death and it's tragic, but in the case of Tim, it just seems like such a waste. He was only 42, but he still has a wife that loves him dearly, children that love and need him desperately, parents and brothers and sisters that want their family to remain complete, and geez, I want Tim back because he was one of my closest friends, our best man, our Timmy. No one else can fill this void, nobody.

BUT, Tim did leave us with something that will help us to continue on. He gave us strength and the passion to live life to its fullest. We know that he would want us to carry on happy, not wallow away in sadness. Tim's persona was such that he would want us to heal and prosper, learn from what he had taught us and keep his memory alive - that is what we will do. He is gone and that is something we cannot change, but we are all better for having known him and his memory will never die.

Tim was my friend and he helped me in many ways. I loved him dearly and I grieve for him deeply, but I will continue on. I would like to think that we have an angel on our shoulders now.

Thank you for everything dear friend, now rest in peace.

Tracy Run�s

The words that come to mind when we think of Tim: SO FULL OF LIFE.

He was full of spirit, full of compassion for all the people and things he held dear to his heart.

Tracy and I met Tim and Ellis online in late 1996 as "chat friends", but our friendship blossomed into a deeper connection after meeting face to face at Heathrow airport in London in May, 1999. We traveled by car to a Queen Convention in Wales as a group and spent the next 4 days together. It was the beginning of many of our visits to Minnesota and their visits to Toronto and we treasure all our time spent together.

The 4 of us have one unique common bond. Tim and Ellis were the 1st couple to meet and marry from our chat site; we were the second and our times together were full of fun and friendship. We were deeply honored to have Tim as our best man at our wedding in July, 2000.

One of the most inspiring sides of Tim was his love for children. He was "Uncle Tim" to our Holly and James. They just loved their TIMBO. He was the #1 FUN GUY in their lives and they spoke of him often asking when we would see Timbo and Elbo again. Tim was great interacting with them and involved them in so many activities. Just this past August, at a Queen convention in Cleveland, Holly was so thrilled to be asked to be "Great King Rat's" entourage. Photos of the two of them together show Holly with a beaming smile. When told of Tim's passing, she was upset that she never had the opportunity to say goodbye and give him a big hug.

Tim was immensely proud of his own children, speaking of them all the time. Their loss is inconceivable, but Tim's guidance and love will have a lasting impact on them for the rest of their lives. He was a great father and we know that they will live their lives knowing that Tim loved them more than life itself. Our deepest sympathies lie with Keith, Lindy, Katie and Amy.

As a friend, you couldn't help but notice his generosity with both his time and money. At a gathering last year in Detroit, Tim took Holly and James out for a late night ice cream but came back with enough Tacos and Drinks to feed ALL the participants in the convention room. That was just a typical gesture from Tim.

He helped me to launch a new career when my employment ended earlier this year. He was a source of business knowledge giving me wonderful ideas and strategies. I spent just last weekend with him and Ellis on a combined business and pleasure trip where he took time out to discuss further developing the business I had started. He was full of ideas and gave so much of himself. A better BEST MAN could not have been hoped for.

Tim was a good person to all of us and loyal to all he called friend; he was a dear brother and son; very much family oriented; he was a loving father, so proud of his children; and he was an adoring husband, so much in love with Ellis.

Tim's physical presence is no longer with us and our grieving has only just begun. It is unbelievable that we are gathered here today to say goodbye to the man we knew and loved as Tim Davis, but his larger than life character, his goodness and his love for all of us will live on in our hearts, minds and souls forever. We don't know why sad things happen, we can only know that nothing beautiful in this world is every really lost because all precious things live on in our memory forever.

We will miss you dear Tim, your huge smile, care and work hard/play hard attitude. You were taken away from our daily lives but our memories still live on and you will never EVER be forgotten.

"In Norwegian" � "Vi lyser fred over ditt minne", or directly translated to English from Norwegian: We wish peace over your memory.

We love you.

J�rgen Run�s
Friend & Client
Global Sports Leagues

Tim Davis impacted and touched the lives of so many people and I am humbled and honored to have known the man who meant so much to so many of us.

Tim is someone I will always admire for his intelligence, leadership, and willingness to start early and work late to accomplish his objectives. I will always respect him for his creativity, honesty, and genuine desire to help other people.

Tim's life is a glowing testimony of a man who set goals, followed them through with determination, used innovative methods in a creative manner, and placed his dreams high above his fears.

Tim Davis was truly, "An American Original" and I will miss him greatly, but I will never forget him and the impact he has had on my life both personally and professionally.

Rest in Peace my Friend.

Tony Whitcomb

I used to work for Tim at WV Inter.net. Tim was nothing but good to me through the time that I worked there. And even when I decided to move on to another job he told me there would always be a place there open for me. I will greatly miss him as not only my employer but as my friend.

I send my deepest sympathies to his wife, children and the rest of his family. He will always be remembered by me and his family I will hold you up in my prayers.

Christi Roush

For my friend, Tim and his wife, Ellis

My family moved into West Gate in Cross Lanes, W.Va. in 1966. It was a fairly new development with houses springing up here and there along West Karen Circle with new families moving into them as they were being completed. Tim was one of the first people I became friends with there. I got to know his whole family.

I became instant friends with Tim and Ronnie. However, I saw their oldest brother Steve, just like I saw my oldest brother Doug�.too tall to deal with and better to stay out of his way. Of course, as little sisters go, I can only sympathize with Kathy, because my little sister had it the same growing up with nothing but boys around, but I'm sure Kathy got her licks in just like my sister did.

As time went on, other families moved in and our little entourage became a rather large contingency of neighborhood kids that would roam the entire area together, in large groups, small groups or pairs�every street, every wooded path, every stream or hill. What we were looking for, it sure beats the heck out of me, but we always did it together and would have fun doing it.

Of course, we would do the usual kid things�play touch football, King of the Hill, baseball, basketball at Tim's, wiffle ball, collect and trade baseball cards.

We also did some unusual kid things. We would dig these enormous holes in the ground, stick in some support beams, put plywood over it, leave a small space on top and then jump in to have our own little private "dens". I still wonder today if people in West Gate are finding these enormous holes in the earth and wondering, "what the heck is that?"

We would make our own bows and arrows and then have target practice. It was almost like being inducted into a rag-tag special forces military group. We had our group leaders and sub-leaders and, of course, Tim was out there in front.

I remember in elementary school, they had a talent show and guess who was the showstopper�.who else but Tim. He was lip-syncing the words to this funny song � he was hilarious. That was Tim, but he wasn't up there for himself, it was for everybody else. That was just Tim's way.

Tim taught me a great deal growing up, but he did it in such a way, that I never really had to ask him anything. He just did it by being my friend. Over the years, we'd occasionally hear from each other. In 1985, he attended my wedding at the St. Albans Church of God. I was so glad he was able to be there. We have him on our wedding video. He later went out with my brothers and sister.

In the year 2000, I wanted to know what Tim was up to, so I was able to track him down through an Internet search and found him through an infinetivity email address. From then on we were able to catch up by phone or email. He had asked me after I found him again if I had heard from one of our old buddies from West Gate. I said I hadn't, but that I would see what I could find out. I found our old friend, John Ehlinger, through Classmates.com and was able to get John back in contact with Tim. When Tim found out that I had found him, he said, "Okay, wiseguy, where's Jimmy Hoffa?" I'm still working on that one. I was glad that John had a chance to see Tim on his way out to the Northwest, where he lives now. John let me know how grateful to me he is for taking the initiative to find him and allowing him and Tim to be together one last time. Hey, what are friends for?

That's the amazing part of all this. Even with Tim gone, he continues to teach and inspire me. I've realized that every minute of every day is a precious gift and the people we come to know and love are precious as well. Tim has left me a wonderful gift as well, that I will continue to give to others. His laugh, his warmth, his smile and his friendship.

Thank you, Tim for being my friend! Thanks also to Ellis, Wilma, Steve, Ronnie and Kathy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Brian S. Miller

Dale Shamblin's wife passed away on July 17th. Here's the obituary from the Charleston Gazette.
NITRO - Mrs. Tammy S. Shamblin, 41, of Nitro died July 17, 2001 at home.
Tammy is a graduate of Nitro High School and a former employee of General Seafood.
She was preceded in death by her father, Darrell Gene Dickerson.
She is survived by her husband, Dale Shamblin; two children, Andy and Brandy Shamblin; and her mother, Mary Dickerson.

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Alex said...

Hi, my name is Alex Kail and I have been in talks with the Nitro High School Alumni Association about hosting their alumni website, replacing the one that currently exists. I actually graduated from Poca, but my dad, my wife, and many other friends and family I know graduated from Nitro.

I currently have an alumni website product that Nitro has decided to use. We are hoping to get as much of the existing data as possible to put into the new site, but notice the forums have been gone for over two years.

You have a TON of death information. My alumni website product has a dedicated section for just this and I am wondering if you would be interested in working with me once I get the site up in the coming weeks and get that information put in.

Let me know!!