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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hyperinflation; prepare for changes quickly

QE-2 (Quantitative Easing 2nd go-around) has kept the stock market looking healthy....this is the result of injection of 'funny money' by the Fed into our economy. The prices of stocks are inflated beyond belief....think about it...how many businesses are thriving, gas is $4.00/gallon, unemployment and food stamps are at all time highs, and there is a massive upheaval in the mid-east.

How strong is the U.S. dollar? Silver is $46.00+/ounce. Silver hasn't done anything...it is the devaluation of the dollar that requires the dramatic increase in dollar cost. We are now buying our OWN debt, due to a loss of confidence by other countries.

The effects of QE-2 funny money will end in May/June 2011...Expect the stock market to plummet and many will lose their retirement nest eggs. Japan won't be investing (due to their own tsunami), and China will be much less likely to buy our debt. One concern would be a massive sell off of the U.S. dollar by our enemies, domestic and foreign. This would, of course, send the dollar into a nose dive. Multi-billionaire (and convicted felon) George Soros (google Soros felon France) has a history of this attack on national economies.

My advice? Your dollar will never be worth more than today...ensure you have ample food, water, fuel, necessities to weather the coming price hyper-increases and scarcities.

Make sure you are as self reliant as possible....becoming a ward of the government (a la Katrina fiasco) is never a good thing! and turn off the mainstream media TV.

Good Luck....