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Friday, August 26, 2011

Virtual Kidnapping: you need to see this...

Posted by Massad Ayoob: Dan Johnson, who works with Travelers Insurance on kidnap response around the globe, told us that piracy is out of control off the coast of Somalia, and kidnapping is a growth industry in Mexico and starting to spill across US borders. Dan warned us of “virtual kidnapping.” They’ll put surveillance on you and your family, and some day or night when one of your kids is in a camp or class for a day where their cell phone will be turned off and you can’t contact the child, you’ll get the call that they’re holding your young one and you have a very few hours to get a few thousand dollars to a drop point or you’ll never see your offspring again. They figure the small amount is something you can gather in that short time. The money, of course, will disappear from where you left it, and the kid will come home wondering why you are so upset…because your son or daughter was never touched.

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