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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tactical Response, TN

I just completed an EXCELLENT course entitled "Immediate Action Medical" presented by Tactical Response, at their Camden TN site. I recommend this course to everyone who wishes to save lives (not just eval/treating fighting injuries but auto related, lacerations/amputations, and all types trauma that could result in death).

The instruction, practice, and action scenario's were effective in conveying expertise required to adequately respond to life threatening traumatic injuries. Yes, these scenarios were stressful, but the environment is supportive, at times humorous, and constructive in producing confidence and expanding your tactical awareness and skills (IE the importance of maintaining awareness of threats to YOU, the first responder in a hostile environment)

I have taken CPR classes emphasizing the ABC's of first aid evaluation and treatment each year since 1980, but the skills and knowledge contained in Immediate Action Medical were new and immediately applicable. My basic first aid kit is now completely restructured and has new tools, and I am confident that I can indeed save a life in ways previously unknown to me.

This specific instructor has a wealth of medically related combat experience that is effectively shared in questions and discussions. Humor, anecdotes, and life saving experiences made the seminar even more effective. His teaching style was relaxed yet intensive and all questions were answered with respect and competence. The 17 or so students were a great and varied group; it was nice to get to know like minded people.

I rate this class A+, and recommend it without reservation to everyone. I drove 500 miles to/from the class, stayed at the excellent Best Western motel (1/2 mile from class), and feel that the time and money spent were a bargain for the knowledge and skills I achieved.

The life you save may be your own, or your loved ones, or MINE!

BTW: I learned of this class when viewing PatriotNurse's YouTube review.

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