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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Massad Ayoob on Norway Terror

Quote from Backwoods Home Magazine (see link in title)

July 26th, 2011 by Mas

History repeats itself. Monster commits mass murder in the most cowardly ways. Bomb in building, because there might have been armed police and security nearby if he had tried to kill the innocent one on one. THEN goes to an island where he knows there are no armed police OR armed citizens, and shoots helpless young people like the proverbial fish in a barrel…and surrenders as soon as armed protectors arrive, even though they’re too late to stop the horror.

Proving once again that “gun free zones” are places where only those who laugh at the law will be armed…”zones” that might better be called hunting preserves for psychopathic killers.

This never would have happened in Israel. After the Maalot Massacre of schoolchildren decades ago, Israel adopted a program wherein volunteer school personnel and adult family members of students were trained by the civil guard, and placed – discreetly armed with concealed 9mm pistols – in the schools and among the chaperones of off-campus youth activities. Every subsequent attempt by terrorists to mass-murder children was cut short by these armed citizens. Mass murders at schools ceased to be the terrorist strategy of choice in Israel. The same protective strategy has been employed in Peru and in the Philippines.

History shows us that evil people with weapons can only be stopped from murdering the innocent by good people with weapons. We saw it in macrocosm in World War II. We see it in microcosm every time an armed citizen beats and armed criminal at his own game.

And, had there been even ONE armed protector on that helpless little island, we might have seen it in Norway last Friday, and the lives of countless innocent victims might have been saved."

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