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Sunday, June 05, 2011

What me worry?

My scooter was nearly running on fumes, so I filled 'er up with mid-grade....$7.80!

The weather finally has become conducive to scooters and motos; I am loving it!

BTW: These are Kymco scooters, made in Taiwan, and are a MUCH better value than Vespa, and are much less likely to be stolen! The smaller scooter is only 50 cc and would only be appropriate for a beach or small community...top speed is about 30 mph, and it really slows when negotiating steep hills. The larger scooter is a sweet 250 cc, and the utility it provides is incredible. I chose to go with the simple carburetor instead of the higher performance E.F.I. model, and hope these will still work following an E.M.P.... BTW: My Subaru Legacy, purchased in 1998, now has 260,000+ miles and continues to purr!

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