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Monday, June 13, 2011

Recall top Democrat Weiner's role in attacking free speech and free enterprise

Democrat Anthony Weiner has been exposed as a pervert and exploiter of Congress' power, but recall that a few months ago he was attempting to destroy the Glenn Beck show by attacking Glenn's sponsors, including Goldline, Inc......Think about it, gold has more than doubled since Glenn suggested having a PORTION of your assets in precious metals as insurance against currency inflation.

When a government attacks private enterprise as a way of preventing dissent, we have a classic example of McCarthy-ism....

Here is the video of Glenn reacting to news of Obama/Weiner Attack:

Humor is Reality! Here's a photo of Muslim lesbian lover of Hillary (Felon) Clinton and her "husband" Weiner


Will the real Anthony Weiner please stand up??

Another Obama/Democrat pervert; now being investigated for soliciting sex from a minor...

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