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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GRID DOWN: Are you prepared and knowledgeable?

Readers of this Lost-Chord Blog have been alerted to some of the very real threats that face our Western Civilization that we take for granted. Any third world country has the capability of launching an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) attack that would devastate our fragile electric power grids. The question of "WHO DID IT??" would be irrelevant. (It may have been launched from a freighter in international waters near our West Coast, using a scud missile armed with small nuclear device. The terrorists may simply be blown up following the launch for removal of all 'fingerprints').

The result:

1. Your car stops (electronically controlled, therefore ruined), as well as all other cars....Imagine the worst traffic jam nightmare without hope for resolution. How to get home? How do you communicate with loved ones and friends? (no cellular or land phone service)
2. Your lights are out...nothing electronic works.
3. Your water service stops (utility is controlled by electronic switches). Your sewage will soon back up due to the pumps and switches having been fried.
4. Your natural gas service stops (controlled by vulnerable electronics)
5. Your ATM card is useless. Banks are closed; if open they can not give you your money due to no computers. Stores can not accept any electronic payments. They can not make change. Stores will be sites of mass looting and violence when shoppers realize the store is unable to sell needed items.
6. The gasoline pumps don't function.
7. The food stores will be emptied within TWO days in nearly all major U.S. cities.
8. Widespread looting, pillaging, and violence will begin almost immediately with 'lights out'. Many of the police and firemen will flee home to protect their own families. The police will NOT be able to deal with large urban riots, and will simply withdraw.
9. Communications are minimal or nil, as no TVs, cell phones, internet, or radios will operate.
10. All pacemakers, indeed all electronic medical devices stop working...hundreds of thousands will die immediately.
11. All airborne planes not hardened against EMP (only a few military planes are protected) will simply fall from the sky.
12. The financial centers are electronically obliterated.
13. Back up generators will be fried by the EMP, obviating a temporary solution for power to hospitals and public service. Even if they aren't fried, they will only provide a few days of limited power due to lack of diesel fuel replenishment.
14. What would happen to chemical factories and nuclear power plants if the electronic controls were fried by an EMP? I have no idea, and have read no reports to ease concerns. What about prisons....the staff will likely abandon jobs and go home to help their own family to survive and obtain food and water, and to defend.
15. Morgues will be quickly overwhelmed; bodies will be rotting throughout cities due to lack of transportation and resources. This will lead to major disease outbreaks, such as cholera.
16. Nursing homes and hospitals will be rife with death and disease. The staff will disappear to take care of their own families, and medicines already in facilities will be pilfered and new deliveries will not be available.
17. Depending on the weather/season, thousands (millions?) will either perish either from freezing or heat exhaustion.

Now imagine this 'grid down' scenario lasting SEVERAL YEARS, due to the fact that presently the U.S. utility companies, with misplaced priorities to maximize profits, do not stock back-ups and can not manufacture the huge transformers needed to try to re-establish the grid, and these would need to be ordered overseas, with a very long waiting time just for the transformers. The entire electrical supply infra-structure would need to be replaced or repaired. The utility companies KNOW of the E.M.P. threat and cut expenses by not HARDENING the essential components of the U.S. power grid (there are only 3 primary grids). Our elected representatives KNOW of the E.M.P. threat, and need to support the SHIELD act to protect our grids.

The reader should realize that in all war game scenarios designed by China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, an E.M.P. attack is the first component to bring the United States to its knees. Russia has energetically pursued this attack modality, and now has super-E.M.P. delivery systems. These countries know they can not defeat the United States by a conventional attack, but have developed 'asymmetrical models of warfare', such as E.M.P. and super E.M.P. weapons.

Realize that the 'grid down' does not require an intentional attack upon the U.S. Naturally occurring solar effects such as the 1859 Carrington Effect, or March 13, 1989 Quebec Canadian blackout are sober reminders that an Electro Magnetic Pulse is an ongoing threat. Canada was hit by the effects of a small solar flare and was fortunate that the blackout was temporary. A larger an more direct solar flare would have been devastating.

What would you notice if the U.S. is attacked via an EMP?

The small nuclear explosion would not be that big of a deal, as it would need to occur in the outer atmosphere (500 miles altitude). If you are driving, your motor will die, and indeed all engines will die with hundreds of motorists left scratching their heads. This would be the time to immediately take steps for your safety...start walking/running to your home or shelter and fill up every container you have with water. You will have no electricity, natural gas will be whatever is residual in the system, and tap water will become unavailable when the gravity fed lines are depleted (no pumps to elevate water to water towers). You will have a couple of hours to take cash to stores to try to purchase needed food.

We would observe that everything that makes our country work and everything we had grown to depend on, essentially stops working...possibly for several years.

If this information is new to you, you can no longer say "I didn't know! Why didn't someone spread the threat information!??"

Are you prepared?

I like this fellow's attitude and information:

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